North Country Veterinary Clinic

564 Main Street
Lyndonville, VT 05851


  At North Country Veterinary Clinic our primary focus is on preventative care. At the heart of preventive care is annual  physical exams. The exam allows us to evaluate each pet carefully, discuss specific needs, find medical problems, and address preventative care requirements. Our pets age much faster than humans do so yearly check ups are very important. Many diseases if caught early can be managed more effectively and be less costly.

   All dogs and cats should be vaccinated against diseases they are likely to encounter based on their lifestyle and environment. Fleas, ticks, internal parasites and heartworms can be prevented with a variety of safe products that we sell and offer our expert advice on their use. We also carry a full line of prescription diets to meet the needs of treating various diseases, which include kidney disease, diabetes, obesity and other ailments. We place special emphasis on preventing and treating dental disease as it is very common and can have such a negative impact on your pet's overall health.